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WoodUpp™ Akupanel

Wooden slat wall

Stylish expression and better acoustics

A wooden slat wall will lift the entire interior in your home. It provides a new atmosphere and the expression of your home will evolve to a whole new level. The wall also benefits with removing noises and annoying reverberation. Check out our beautiful colors underneath.

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Sound absorbing effect

Our wooden slat wall has a well documented sound absorbing effect. When the sound waves hits the felt, they will be refracted which creates a sound deadening effect. In particular, our wooden slat wall will make a compelling difference in environments with many smooth surfaces for example a place with drywalls or tiles.

Therefore the wooden slat wall comes with functional as well as a visual benefits that will provide inspiration and amazement for guests and visitors in private homes and in a wide range of organizations. Several offices, meeting rooms, cafes, restaurants and shops will benefit greatly from this very elegant sound absorbing solution.

Lamp and Rustic Natural Oak Akupanel
Living room with Akupanel Rustic Natural Oak
Rustic antique Oak Akupanel

Wood slats on walls always in high quality

At WoodUpp, you will find a wide range of quality wooden slat walls which will add a new dimension to your home. We are very proud of the fact that our products are made here in Denmark. We produce all our slat walls at our small factory in Ribe, where our family have had the factory for many years. Even though we have customers from all over the world, which we are very proud and grateful for, our vision is to continue producing our products in Denmark, because we will never compromise on the quality or the finished result.

All of our products are unique and we are happy to take the necessary time to create the best possible result for our customers. Every slat is handpicked to ensure uniformity in all our wooden slat walls.

Sustainability is a top priority for us

Besides the fact that we offer you a creative and stylish element for your home with a sound absorbing effect, we also offer you a great focus on sustainability. A large amount of everything we make is made of wood, which is why we make sure that we only buy our wood from sustainable forestry suppliers. This means that no more trees will be felled than the forest can reproduce. Furthermore plants and animal life is also protected. In addition to sustainable forestry suppliers, there is also a proper working environment for the people who work in the forests. This is all for making a difference in our world and for our future, which need sustainable alternatives. That is why we here at WoodUpp are proud to be able to make a difference while offering our customers attractive products at all time.

Furthermore, our acoustic felt is made of recycled plastic. Every year large quantities of plastic are thrown out and it often ends up in our nature. We are proud to offer you a beautiful wooden slat wall, which is manufactured with care for the environment and also the future.

Our wooden slat wall are the exact same product as our wooden acoustic panels.