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WoodUpp™ Akupanel

Improve acoustics within your favorite space.


Amaze your guests with a wood slated wall that looks great AND improves the acoustics in the room.

Do you have problems with bad acoustics? With Akupanel you can create a beautiful wood slated wall or ceiling that not only looks great but it also drastically improves the acoustics within the room. So add some of the Akupanel minimalistic vibe to your room and amaze your guests with your great taste in Scandinavian Design (and they'll be able to hear you when you tell them about it).
Really nice products Really nice products! Im glad i use Woodupp products.
Javid Kadva
Javid Kadva
Easy to install and look beautiful Easy to install and look beautiful
Excellent service and delivery would… Excellent service and delivery would definitely recommend these guys and the wood panels look gorgeous up.
Camilla Norrgård
Camilla Norrgård
Väldigt nöjd! Väldigt nöjd! Blev så fint med väggen i klassisk ek till mina möbler. Njuter av att bsra sitta och titta på den.
Shipping it's expensive and vers vers… Shipping it's expensive and very very very slowly bad experience
Lukas Suter
Lukas Suter
Nice ceiling panels Nice ceiling panels, good delivery and communication.
Samuel Andrioli
Samuel Andrioli
Ottimo prodotto spedizione sicura… Ottimo prodotto spedizione sicura gentilissimi
Super! Délai de livraison respecté, colis bien conditionné, beaux produits, très sérieux, merci beaucoup !
Mathieu Cantaert
Mathieu Cantaert
Very nice product Very nice product. Samples were great to choose the finish. Delivered according to expectations. Final result looks great.
Ordered panels on Thursday and arrived… Ordered panels on Thursday and arrived at 9.00am Monday morning. Panels look great and so easy to install . We have upgraded our lounge and used the panel as a statement wall with a flush TV mounted centrally. Looks great, thankyou for a brilliant service and product.

Got a project in mind? Order a sample or two and select your perfect color.


This is the beginning of your next project. With a sample in hand you can see and touch the material before buying. This makes it easier to find the perfect color for your wall.

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Carefully designed for better acoustics.

Have you ever been in a room full of reverberation? It's impossible to hear what people are saying. You would have to focus so hard on listening, that after a while you end up with a headache. When you leave the room, you are instantly relieved. You wouldn't want your room to be like that, would you?

If you are currently experiencing acoustical problems then Akupanel is the solution. It's carefully designed to break and absorb the sound waves that reflect on empty walls and ceilings and then back into the room. PRO TIP - For an even better sound solution, install Akupanel on battens/firring strips with insulation behind the panels!

Experience the difference.

A room with echo

A room without echo

The best sound solution with Akupanel.

There are two ways you can install the panels and the sound result varies depending on how you install them. To achieve the highest NRC rating, our installation guide shows that the panels should be installed on battens/furring strips with insulation behind them. The second mounting option is to install the panels directly on the wall. This is the fastest option and in most cases will be enough to improve the acoustics within a room.

As you can see on the graph the panels are most effective at frequencies between 300 Hz and 2000 Hz. These are the most common noise levels that people experience. The reality is that the panels will dampen sound on both high and low spectrum. Please note that the graph  is based on acoustic panels mounted on a 1.75 inch batten with insulation behind the panels.

Product specifications

Product dimensions.

There are two pieces that make up a full panel - Panel A measures 11.025" x 94.5" and Panel B measures 12.6" x 94.5" The full Akupanel put together measures 94.488" x 23.622". The wooden slats are 1.06" wide and the distance of  0.511" between them. The slats are mounted on a base of acoustic felt made from recycled plastic. The felt is 0.354" thick and the total thickness of the Akupanel is 0.866" (the slats and the felt).

2400 mm


600 mm


22 mm



Taking care of the environment is a first priority. That's why the Akupanel is based on sustainable materials.

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Felt made of recycled plastic bottles

The felt

Our acoustical panels are made from recycled plastic. We take a waste product and transform it into something useful and beautiful.

The acoustic felt absorbs the sound waves and dampens reverberation.

MDF board

The slats

Our core consists of a medium density fiberboard and is available in black or natural (medium brown) colors.

The slats create diffusion, which essentially means that they break the sound waves and thereby dampen the reflecting sound.

Wood from sustainable forestry

The surface

All the wood we use comes from sustainable forestry. This ensures that our forests can reproduce more trees than were cut for use.


How to make a headboard

So easy that (almost) anyone can do it.

Do you love DIY-projects? Then you are going to love the Akupanel. It's easy to work with and you can create all kinds of DIY-projects like slat ceilings, slat walls, headboards and more - the possibilities are endless.

Do you on the other hand prefer that DIY-projects are just something you watch on TV? Then don't worry because, as mentioned before, the panels are easy to work with. Any professional can install them in no time. Check out the installation guide to see how easy it is.

Akupanel – installation guide

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