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WoodUppTM Akupanel

Sound dampening acoustical panels

Design a modern space with enhanced acoustics

The Akupanel was created with the purpose of improving peoples favorite spaces.

If you have ever been in a room with bad acoustics, then you know the problem – bad acoustics can drive you crazy!

But now you can do something about it, while also improving the looks in your room.

Imagine a slat wall on an end wall in your livingroom or overhead on your ceiling.

It’s not just about softening those sounds.

Trust us; it’s going to turn heads and earn you a stream of compliments from anyone who steps in.

Akupanel – Classic Oak (Black Felt)


You don’t need to be an expert – it’s a simple DIY job

For most people, installing the panels would be an entertaining DIY project.

It is very simple – you can cut the panels with almost any saw and fix it with screws through the felt. It’s as easy as it gets.

If you’re more into watching DIY on TV than doing it yourself, it’s best to get a carpenter.

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Crafted with care to keep your space peacefully quiet

Are you having a hard time hearing what people are saying?

Problems with poor acoustics are a major problem in many rooms, but a slat wall or ceiling enables you to create acoustic wellbeing for yourself and the people you surround yourself with.

Sound consists of waves and when the sound hit a hard surface it continues to reflect back into the room, which creates reverberation.

However, the acoustical panels breaks and absorbs the sound waves when it hits the felt and the lamellas.

Hereby it prevent the sound from reflecting back into the room, which ultimately eliminates reverberation.

Hear the difference
Without AkupanelWith Akupanel

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Boost your well-being and lower stress

Dwelling in a place with bad acoustics isn’t just annoying—it can take a toll on your health and overall well-being.

Tackling reverberation offers notable health perks.

Forget about asking, “Could you repeat that?”

In rooms where echo is minimized, every word becomes crystal clear, making conversations a breeze.

Acoustics Unraveled

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Sound results with great looks!

In an official sound test our Akupanel reached an NRC rate of 0.90 at 500Hz.

In order to reach The highest rate of sound absorption, you have to install mineral wool/insulation behind the panels (check out our installation guide). See the graph on the left below for the results.

However, you can also install the panels directly on your wall, and by doing so the panels will have a very respectable NRC rating and making the panels very effective at dampening the sound.

As you can see on the graph the panels are most effective at frequencies between 300 Hz and 2000 Hz, which are the common noise levels that most people are experiencing.

In reality this means that the panels will dampen both high and deep sounds.

The graph on the left (below) is based on acoustic panels mounted on a 1.5″. (45mm) batten with mineral wool/insulatoin behind the panels. The graph on the right was measured with the panels mounted directly to the wall.

Full the full test results send an email to

Akupanels – The Must-Have
for Your Interior

Wondering why everyone’s raving about Akupanels?

Akupanel dimensions

The Akupanel measures 23 5/8″ x 23 5/8 ” Thickness: .866″. The distance is 1.06″ in between the slats.

The slats are mounted on a base of acoustic felt.

The specially developed acoustic felt is made from recycled material and is 0.354″ thick. (9 mm)

We value our planet, so we choose eco-friendly materials for our products

Our felt is made from recycled plastic, and all the wood we use comes from sustainable forestry. This ensures that the forest regrows more than what is cut down.

We are proud to say that all our Akupanels are produced using sustainable materials.

Our aim is to manufacture high-quality, eco-friendly panels that contribute to a healthier and more sustainable indoor environment. This way, we can guarantee that our Akupanels are not just beneficial for the room they’re placed in but also for the environment.

Felt made of recycled plastic bottles

Our acoustical felt is made from recycled plastic, which means that we take a waste product and transform it into something useful and beautiful.

MDF board

Our core consists of a medium density fibreboard and is available in black or natural.

Sustainable materials

The wood and wood products we use comes from sustainable forestry.


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