Melissa Trentemøller's story

This couple had a lot of thoughts on how the home of the dreams should look. As such, they choose to have it built from the ground up. After discovering a suitable location, they decided to build a foundation on it.

Melissa’s family are very sociable. They enjoy gathering with family and friends. That is why it was imperative to create large open rooms – ones that had space for everyone.


This is the story about Melissa


Melissa House Tour

For a Family, Home is the Integral Base

Melissa is currently training to become a pedagogue. She is interested in working with people who require help. Interior design is something Melissa is quite fond of, and she keeps her ear to the ground in order to stay on top of current design trends. That is how she became inspired to create a customized look for her own home. She wanted to create an atmosphere her loved ones would feel comfortable in.

Melissa’s family is very social. They enjoy inviting guests over to their home. Some of their interests have influenced the way their home currently looks. Melissa and her husband wanted to create a place where everyone inside would feel content and happy.

Living Inside a Caravan for a Year, Parked on the Home’s Garden

The house that we are currently living in was built by my husband and me. It was created in 2015, and while it was constructed, we resided inside a caravan that was parked on our front yard. We did so for 12 whole months. Now we live in the home of our dreams.



That is how Melissa describes the way her dream home was built. She is clearly proud of all the effort that went into this project, and understandably so.

The couple is quite content with the residence, along with its surroundings. The family isn’t very far from nature, along with all of the necessary institutions to accommodate each member of the family. That is why the location was chosen.

This House Is Future-Proof and Contains Big Surfaces

This family endeavored to make their home future-proof. In other words, as the children grew older, parts of the house would be their own, while mom and dad had other areas to themselves. Also, they wanted families and guests to stay in a large room when sleeping over. That is why the house L-shaped.

A Breathtaking Entrance

When entering this family’s home, the first thing you will see is the dining room and kitchen, both of which have high ceilings. You’ll also see gorgeous furniture, lively plants, acoustical panels, and interesting pictures. Many of these things are hung from both the walls and ceilings, giving you a strong impression from the get-go.

Bad Acoustics Go Hand-In-Hand with Big Surfaces

Melissa tells that before they had the acoustical panels on their wall and ceilings they had some other acoustical plates - but they weren't enough in their big kitchen and dining table so they had to find a different solution. That's when Melissa found WoodUpp and luckily the panels were able to remove the reverberation in the room.


To this Melissa says the following:

We don’t have any more issues with reverberation, which we appreciate. When family and friends come to visit us these days, everybody can be in the same room, which is important to us.

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Acoustical Panels Ended up Being a Big Hit

Melissa found some information online about how acoustical panels eliminate reverberation inside large rooms. She got in touch with several carpenters and heard their approaches to dealing with this issue.

Eventually, we came across [INSERT COMPANY HERE]. We ordered some color samples for the sake of determining which type of wood would be best suited for our home. We are happy with our choice, and feel as though it fits perfectly inside the place. It adds nature and warmth in a manner that complements the vibrant room, which is nice.

The following panels were used for the headboard, gable, and ceiling:




Positive Online Feedback

After the Akupanels were mounted, Melissa and her family received countless compliments on the beauty they had created. Those compliments didn’t just come from friends and family, though. Melissa posted photos of the headboard, gable, and wall on her social media accounts - @m_trentemoeller. The amount of positive comments she received from strangers were incredible. Just about everybody praised her interior design tastes.

After we installed these panels on both the gable and ceiling, we also decided to do the same in the bedroom. The amount of positive reactions we received from doing so blew us away. They came from strangers on our social media accounts, as well as from family and friends.


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