The Conference Room of Our Dreams

A while ago we recieved an order on more than 500 panels and we couldn't get our hands down. What would the project be and how was it going to look? We had to follow up on the case an make a story from it. Therefore we'll now show you 8-kanten. An amazing conference room placed in Odense, Denmark.


This is 8-kanten


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Our first reaction

After arriving at this place, we got to see 8-Kanten from an exterior perspective. It was a house in the shape of an octagon, which confused us a little, at least initially. There were several craftsmen surrounding the structure who were finishing up several last-minute details. We were in for a surprise upon entering the place.


A Strong First Impression

After stepping into 8-Kanten’s conference room, we saw how much bigger it was from the inside. Panels were everywhere, not just on walls, but the ceiling as well. Suffice it to say, we were floored by what we saw.

Small Meeting Rooms and a Large Open Space

There was a wide-open space inside the large conference room. In the center, an abundance of chairs were situated, all facing a large digital screen. The screen was used for presentations to accommodate large-scale conferences. They were stairs going up in all directions that led to hallways and other meeting rooms smaller in scale (each of which had a TV screen).

There were panels in the large open space on both the walls and ceiling. Inside the smaller rooms, panels were mounted directly on just the ceiling.

Big surfaces created bad acoustics

Melissa tells that before they had the acoustical panels on their wall and ceilings they had some other acoustical plates - but they weren't enough in their big kitchen and dining table so they had to find a different solution. That's when Melissa found WoodUpp and luckily the panels were able to remove the reverberation in the room.


To this Melissa says the following:

We no longer have any problems with reverberation and which is just really great

so now we can have our friends and family come visit and be here all together so that is amazing.

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The acoustical panels are a huge hit

It was online Melissa found information about how great acoustical panels can be to remove reverberation in big rooms. Therefore she contacted a few carpenters to hear their opinions about the subject and they immediately said "go" for the idea.


So hereafter we found WoodUpp and ordered colour samples in order to figure out what kind of wood suited our home the best and we fell for the bright sort. We think it's ended up really well and fits perfectly in our home. It gives some wamth and nature in a way that fits in our bright room. So that's really nice.


She used the panels to make the gable, ceiling and a headboard:




Positive response online


After the mounting og the Akupanels the family recieved many compliments on how beautiful the home had become. However, the compliments was not only from family and friends.

Melissa often posts pictures of the gable, wall and headboard on Instagram on her account @m_trentemoeller. She recieves many positive comments from people that praise her taste in interior design.


After we chose to install these panels in both the ceiling as a gable but also in our bedroom we have received really positive reactions. Not just from friends and family but also on Social Media.


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