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Visiting Mark Falgren aka. Lovestick

Some time ago we were lucky to be invited into the home of Mark Falgren - the drummer Lovestick from the band Lukas Graham.

Loverstick mounted Smoked Oak in his studio
The interior design in Lovestick’s home is very detailed. The smoked oak acoustic panels displayed just as you enter his entrance hall bring a very calming vibe in the room from the first moment you walk in and looks amazing.
The interior design in his home is thought through
The colors brown and white are flowing through Lovestick’s entire apartment, which gives a very cosy atmosphere. The panels are not only in the hall. In his own home studio that he has built himself, Lovestick can produce new tracks every day at home.

The home studio

I find it very important to have a great and good looking practice room in my home as it inspires me to the music I make. In order to make great music I need everything to look good and feel good around me - which it definitely does in my home studio.”


Lovestick set up a goal for himself to make new music every single day. Due to his home studio, there is not one reason to not follow up on this goal.

The acoustics were improved a lot!
Before the acoustic panels were set up in his studio, Lovestick’s vocals alwayas had a weird echo sound to them. With the beautiful panels in the studio, the echo is gone and the quality of his work is better than ever.

It's like being in the 70's again

Lovestick’s studio is furnished qith lots of funky retro furniture in warm and calming colors. He wanted the studio to bring back some melancholic 70’s vibes.

What is Lovestick's favorite thing?
He really loves the tour life. Exploring the world, new cultures and people and playing his music to like minded, cheerful people. That is Lovestick’s favorite thing about his life.
What would it look like in your home?

Do you want to see Lovestick's panels on your wall? He chose Akupanel | Smoked Oak. Try our visualizer and see it for yourself in your home!

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