On a visit with Kasper Boye

As an interior design specialist that was self-taught, Kasper Boye prides himself on being an expert craftsman. There are several interior design trends that Kasper has noticed as of late. We looked at a couple of his most recent projects – Restaurant Mastek and Regus – which he decorated.


THIS IS Kasper Boye


About Kasper Boye:
  • Kasper is an interior designer that was self-taught. He also taught himself craftsmanship and designing skills.
  • Kasper was a participant in “Made in Denmark,” a Danish television program.
  • Kasper performs interior design work in businesses and residences. He’s been creating furniture on his own ever since his 19th birthday.
Difficult for him to make standard solutions

Kasper claims that it is difficult for him to make standard solutions, since he is hardwired to think differently from the norm.

No craftsman was ever in Kasper’s home growing up because his father built everything on his own. Kasper has since followed suit, specializing in interior designing and customized furniture solutions.

Kasper once decided to create a table – one that would accommodate walls in his new apartment. He didn’t want to buy a generic table, as it would’ve been either too long or short. That’s why he decided to produce one of his own. He has been creating tables and other furniture since then, not just for himself, but for his clients as well. His goal is to make unique solutions – ones that mesh with the atmosphere and soul of each room.

Kasper has noticed that people are being bolder when it comes to interior design trends these days. People are being more selective about the material and colors they are using in their homes. The creation of entire slatwalls was something that not many people considered a decade ago. These things were more popular during the 70s. Some projects have entire rooms that are covered up with wood. Not everything has to be so bland, though.

When choosing products for his projects, Kasper has a pallet of his own that he works with. In New York, wrought iron walls are very popular, and acoustical panels have been trending in the city as well.

Acoustical panels complement New York walls. When Kasper creates half walls under glass walls, he sometimes places acoustical panels directly onto each half wall. This goes a long way, visually speaking, and creates excellent acoustics in that room.


Acoustical panels are flexible. The soft felt is a pleasure to use on rounded corners. At Regus, acoustical panels were used on rounded corners. The owner got in touch with Kasper when he wanted a brand-new reception area made.

The first thing that Kasper thought of were acoustical panels in that room. It was quite bare. Further, the large surfaces stimulated reverb. Because the reception area was being built from the ground-up, Kasper had acoustical solutions incorporated directly into the desk. They complemented the round corners quite well.

The materials were a pleasure to use for Kasper. Their flexibility was the first thing that came to mind when he held the acoustical panels in his hands.


Restaurant Mastek was another place that Kasper designed. This restaurant is close to the ocean, making it a place that is frequently visited by sailors.

The restaurant was purchased by new owners recently. When this happened, the place’s interior design was set to undergo an improvement.

The rustic natural acoustic panels were a strong pivot point for the updated interior design. Everything inside of the restaurant was gloomy and dark, but also very cozy. When patrons entered the restaurant, the acoustical panels were the only shining contrast. They were quite important to the room’s whole expression.

As we left the restaurant again it was time to say goodbye to Kasper.

I want to say thank you so much for today. It has been super exciting to see your projects.

“That’s great. It was nice to show them to you - they are really great projects that I am proud of”.

And you clearly understand that..

Especially the last project at Restaurant Mastek. It is really impressive to see the difference Kasper has made.

Personally it was a truly inspiring day for me.

I saw many different ways to use our panels. And many of them have never come to mind before.

My hope is that you now received a lot of inspiration for your own projects. And if you need more inspiration you can always follow Kasper’s Instagram profile (or ours if you’d like). We put a link to his profile beneath.

Thank you for reading this story!

// Troels

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