Visiting the professional football player Erik Sviatchenko

Erik is a professional footballer. He invited us to look at his minimalistic house, which he shares with his significant other, Anne, along with their two kids. Erik’s home had an interior design that we were quite impressed with.




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  • Professional football player and captain in FC Midtjylland.
  • Married to Anne Sviatchenko – together they have 2 children.
  • Elected as the 9th best dressed sports star in the world by the magazine Euroman.
Home is a gathering point for our family.

Erik’s style is great. It can be seen in the way that he dresses up, which is reflected in his house as well.

The interior design in Erik’s home is minimalistic and stringent. However, it is also quite cozy, and his family feels very comfortable relaxing there.

As a footballer and a human being, a nice home that is aesthetically pleasing is very important to Erik. It allows his family to gather and relax harmoniously with each other.

Creating a home that was cozy was very important for Erik and Anne. They wanted to create an oasis that accommodated all of the little details they considered. They have invested plenty of money and time to create the home of their dreams. Their interior design aspirations revolved around minimalism and coziness.

Big pictures and collages separate the large white walls inside the house. When guests are over, eyes are drawn to the gorgeous art throughout the entire house. This is something that Erik and his wife are quite passionate about.

They also wanted everything in the home to match the furniture in it. As such, the color combinations need to blend in with one another without standing out. Several materials we considered happen to be quite strong, and they were omitted for the sake of making all of the home’s tones synchronous.

Sustainability is also something Erik and his wife care about, and was considered during the decoration process.

A lot of things that Erik purchased are many years old. They purchase things that last, as opposed to always buying and replacing things.

We endeavored to purchase sustainable products of great quality. Sustainability happens to be a theme we take very seriously and implement into each project that we take on.

Erik was looking to decorate his house in a special and specific way. He chose us because we are capable of adding a natural feel to the homes we design. Erik and his wife believed that our company was capable of giving their home the aesthetics they were striving for. For instance, one of the things they wanted to do was contrast white walls inside their home.

There are a couple of entrances on both sides of a bedroom, along with a closet (walk-in). The bedroom’s door leads to a terrace over on the main floor. It goes from one of the house’s sides to the backyard garden. Opening up the doors each morning is a pleasure for every resident of the home.

The initial idea involved making a single slatwall inside the ceiling. However, after mounting of the wall commenced, the couple opted to have another slatwall installed in the home’s entrance area.

Erik and his wife love opening up the doors for guests, family, and friends alike. Their new wall the something they invite everybody to see.

One of the highlights of the new slatwall was the contrast it made to the rest of the home. It is quite aesthetically pleasing, especially since the things in the home are similar to one another. It adds some expression to the room as well, in addition to adding some warmth, which everybody appreciates.

A professional did the mounting work for Erik. He couldn’t believe how simple the process was, to the point where he wondered if it were something he could do. In fact, if he adds a new slatwall in the future, he believes he will be able to do so on his own.

As we end the interview we thank him for his time.

Amazing! Thank you so much for letting me visit you Erik. It has truly been a pleasure.


  • Akupanels were used by Erik (natural rustic oak) in the hall and living room. To view the product, click here.
  • To feel materials and see colors, samples can be ordered by clicking here.
  • To see all of the colors available for the akupanels, click here.


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