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Faustix' home studio tour
Recently, we were invited to the home of the music producer, DJ, family father and television star Morten Olsen, also known as Faustix, who touched up his home studio with our panels in the colour Charcoal in order to create a unique expression of interior design.
A home studio is a freedom
Faustix tells us that the fact that he has his studio right there in his house and he can make music whenever he wants makes him feel great. It becomes very clear while sitting in his home studio, which is only 30 metres from is living room and 40 metres from his bedroom, that every detail in the room has been particularly planned and thought out.
"Danish hygge" in focus
The gloomy but homey expression that the Charcoal panels create in the room fit Faustix amazingly. „Danish Hygge“ is what Faustix is all about, he tells us. His own home studio furnished in a capacious and mellow way.
The panels, the studio table, the carpet, everything matches each other and the details are thoughtfully placed.

Coffee is the best way to begin the day...


And the studio is tidied up and the day is quiet, not too many e-mails and appointments. Of course, this almost never happens. No day in the life of a DJ is ever the same, there is always a little bit of chaos, too many mails and deadlines that i need to consider.

It makes him happy every day
In his studio, Faustix can sit in his comfiest clothes and full on focus on his music, producing one track after another in the comfort of his own home.
It gets a lot more tense at his concerts, where his music is presented to thousands of people. There are a lot oft hings that can go wrong and he has made such experiences before in the past. But after all, the best feeling in the world for Faustix is playing his music on stage, having a huge audience sing along to the music he made.

How does he get inspired?
His greatest source of inspiration is meeting new people. Drawing energy from looking into strangers eyes is his way of receiving new ideas for his music. Also, Faustix is a family man and loves being with his loved ones who inspire him the most.
Faustix always tries to make people smile through his content of social media and his music. Spreading joy and raising the mood of people makes him feel like he is doing good in this world.
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