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Merged the home’s original features with modern interior design. Features not just one, but multiple WoodUpp projects: Restroom, bedroom, and stairway.

Multiple WoodUpp projects

Turning Heads and Raising Ceilings

You can totally see that she’s thought about every little thing in her home to make sure it all comes together. For her next project, she put the panels in her stairwell, and it looks awesome.

The panels stretch all the way up, making you really notice how tall the wall is.

For this project in the stairwell she used the Akupanels in Classic Oak.

The final WoodUpp project in her awesome home is up on the top floor, where her sons’ bedrooms are.

She decided to put panels in both of the boys’ rooms, which is a killer move for creating a unified and chill vibe.

WoodUpp panels aren’t just pretty faces

Annemiek’s pad in Hoofddorp is a real-life design inspo, all thanks to her knack for nailing multiple WoodUpp projects.

Every space in her home has its own vibe but still feels part of this big, well-thought-out design story.

It just goes to show, WoodUpp panels aren’t just pretty faces; they’re also doing some heavy lifting in making a home look and feel just right!