What's up? We are WoodUpp.

We create remarkable products for modern people that drastically improves the looks and the acoustics of their favorite spaces.

What's up? We are WoodUpp.

How it all started.

Mads started WoodUpp because of his (obvious) passion for wood and invented our famous Akupanel in 2017. Since then our products have been used in private homes and projects all over Europe. After countless enquiries from America we decided to expand our business into the US market in collaboration with our partner Interlam!

This means that all of our products are now produced in North Carolina. Our combined passion for sustainable production combined with our experience with wood means that every product that leaves the factory is a premium product.

We have been involved in projects all over the world. The projects range from company offices, hotels, restaurants, soccer stadiums and shops. In short people choose our high quality products because they add a modern look to any room while improving the acoustics drastically.

CEO, Partner

Catherine Myers-Eckenrod

CEO, Partner

Alvin "Skip" Eckenrod



General Manager of Operations Overlord

Josh Leftwich

General Manager Art Head Honcho

Rob Livengood

Chief Marketing Officer of Social Media

Salvador Martinez

Customer Service Liaison

Hailey Shinault

Manager of Shipment Coordination

Brandy Valentine


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