A Stylish Sushi Restaurant

When people are visiting your restaurant, it’s important to welcome them with a positive expression. You want to make them feel comfortable. That is applicable both acoustically and visually.

Soren recently decorated a restaurant called A+ Siam Sushi. He has shared his thoughts with us about the way he decorated the place.

Soren has over 17 years’ worth of experience with interior design. His company helps customers with all sorts of interior design specialties.


THIS IS A+ Siam Sushi


About Søren Nielsen:

  • 17 years’ worth of experience with interior design.
  • Has created the company Rumraketten where he helps customers with all sorts of interior design specialties.
  • He works with interior design tasks for both privates as well as businesses.
Our Initial Reaction

Owners of restaurants understand that – in order for the place to be successful – guests’ experiences must be great. When people come out for a meal, it’s not just to fill their bellies. They also want to spend time in a lovely environment with other people.

There are several things capable of impacting if a customer’s experience is positive or negative. For instance, the staff’s service, the food, and the atmosphere/environment all play a significant role. Informal luxury was Soren’s goal when he decided to give A+ Siam Sushi a makeover.

Soren went with a very holistic approach. He wanted the employees to feel very comfortable in their work environment in order to instill a sense of happiness for everybody inside of the establishment.

He also wanted guests to appreciate their surroundings in order to optimize their experience. He knew that people’s opinions of the way food tasted would be heavily influenced by the atmosphere they were eating it in.

One of A+ Siam Sushi’s interior design highlights is a cross sofa. It allows patrons to sit somewhere besides a chair, and this facet was something that guests appreciated. Sofas are correlated with comfort, after all.

There were Patera lamps situated over the sofa, which improved the setup. The “wow factor” is definitely at play for everybody the second they step into the restaurant.

The upper level is completely decorated. Acoustical panels on the lower level’s function room are also very cool. The decorations here have some edge to them.

There are several reasons why interior design is enhanced by acoustical panels. They are also aesthetically pleasing and create a sense of wholesomeness.

The panels also help to create better acoustics in the place. That is quite important for a restaurant. When the setting has a pleasant acoustic setting, and the reverberation is minimal, more patrons will continue to come in.

We thank Søren for his time and make sure to tell him how amazing a job we think he has done. The panels have created an amazing atmosphere in the restaurant that we completely love and we hope all of the visiting customers love it as well.

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