Our most popular design to date. Remove reverberation and create a beautiful, natural look.

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We believe that surroundings have a significant impact on your life

Therefore, our aim is to create exceptional spaces for people through our authentic Nordic designs. Our products, designed and produced in Denmark, enhance the acoustic and visual aspects of any room.


See our new square acoustic panels, and create a completely different look.

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First Class Sound Absorption

Wave goodbye to bad acoustics in your space! When you use Akupanel on the ceiling or walls in your room you'll drastically improve the acoustical environment. In fact, our panels are best in class when it comes to sound dampening. PRO TIP - You'll achieve the best results when you install Akupanel with thermal insulation behind the panels.

Regrow and recycle. We protect the environment.

Akupanel is a "Green" product as it is made from sustainable materials. The wood we use comes from sustainable foresting.  This means the forest is allowed to reproduce and grow more trees than what's being cut for use. Furthermore, the acoustic felt backing is made from recycled plastic (primarily plastic bottles). We give old plastic new life instead of it ending up in our landfills or oceans.

Designed in Scandinavia, manufactured in America.

Our founder, Mads Vesterby invented our products in his dad's workshop in Denmark. He designed the Akupanel perfectly in line with the Scandinavian Design (adding a minimalistic and natural look to any room). From a small workshop, he grew WoodUpp into a world wide company.  Now we have teamed up with our American partner, Interlam, so that we can produce our products locally in the US.

Install multiple panels in no time.

Installing Akupanels are super easy. For most people it is the perfect DIY-project.  And for professionals,  the easy installation saves precious time.

WoodUpp™ Akupanel

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Without akupanel

With akupanel

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Want to see and feel the materials before ordering? Then order a sample box with the colors you want to have a closer look at. This makes it much easier for you to find the perfect color to your next project.

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Tips for Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts

Take a deep dive into our blogs. Get inspired by amazing Akupanel projects and gain our best tips and knowledge to create your own dream home.

Japandi Style Wall Decor: A Trendy Statement for Your Interior!

The merging of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity has given rise to an emerging design trend called "Japandi."

It's a playful and sophisticated style that embraces the tranquility, harmony, and functionality of both cultures.

An essential element in the Japandi style is wall panels.

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Your Secret To a Trendy Kitchen Makeover

Do you want to upgrade your kitchen? That can easily be done by using panels.

If you're looking for a way to give a new look to the bar in your kitchen, wall panels might be exactly what you need. Wall panels are a great way to enhance and beautify the style of your kitchen.

Transform your kitchen
Improve Your Sleep With Akupanels:

You may be wondering why wall panels should be hanging in your bedroom.

The answer is simple: walls play an important role in creating a peaceful and relaxing environment.

In this blog post you will discover how Akupanels elevate your bedroom to the next level with these three benefits.

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