The dream conference room

A while ago we received an order on more than 500 panels and we couldn’t get our hands down. What would the project be and how was it going to look? We had to follow up on the case and make a story from it. Therefore we’ll now show you 8-kanten. An amazing conference room placed in Odense, Denmark.


This is 8-kanten


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Our first reaction

As we arrived at 8-kanten and saw it from the outside we saw this octagon-shaped house and we were a little confused at first. There were still a couple of craftsmen around the building finishing up on the last details – but we were about to get a huge surprise.


The wow-effect

As soon as we stepped into the conference room it was like it was bigger on the inside. There were panels everywhere on the ceiling and on the walls and we couldn’t help ourselves saying “wow” several times.

A big open space and smaller meeting rooms

The conference room has a huge open space in the middle with hundreds of chairs in the direction of a huge digital screen for presentations for bigger conferences and from there stairs go up in every direction to halls that lead towards smaller meeting rooms with TV screens.

In the big open space there are panels both on the ceiling and on the walls. In the smaller meeting rooms the panels are mounted on the ceiling “only”.

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