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Visiting Faustix

We have been on a visit in the home of the music producer, DJ, family father and television star Morten Olsen, also known as Faustix, who used our panels in the color Charcoal in order to create a super nice and exclusive expression in his home studio.

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We have been lucky to be visiting Mark Falgren – also known as the drummer Lovestick in the band Lukas Graham. See how he made his home studio in the following WoodUpp Story.

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Melissa House Tour

How do you remove reverberation in a home with big bare surfaces?

This was the concern that Melissa had as her husband built their new, beautiful home. They wanted to keep it simple and minimalistic but the many bare walls were a problem – until they found WoodUpp.

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What does it look like when you use more than 500 akupanels in one conference room? This was the question we asked ourselves as we received the huge order.

Check out this story about 8-kanten and see if you get as excited over the final result as we did!

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A+ Siam Sushi

If you have a restaurant it is incredibly important that you have a welcoming expression that makes people feel comfortable. Both in the visual and the acoustical environment. Søren from Rumraketten has decorated A+ Siam Sushi and he loves to share his inspiration to the thoughts he had about the interior design in A+ Siam Sushi.

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Erik Sviatchenko

Erik invited us inside for a cup of coffee and a house tour. He lives in a minimalistic house with his wife, Anne Sviatchenko, and their two children. We were so lucky to be allowed to visit Erik and hear more about the thoughts Erik and his wife had had concerning the interior design in their home.

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Kasper Boye

Kasper Boye is a self-taught interior design consultant and also a self-taught craftsman. In this story I have been talking with Kasper about the trends he sees regarding interior design right now. Other than that we go visit two of his projects – Regus and Restaurant Mastek – that he decorated. There is a lot of inspiration on the way to you.

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