Sliding Door – Bracket


235 €

WoodUpp Sliding doors already come with brackets included in the price. Do you, however, have courage on your own sliding door project and need a cool bracket? So do not hesitate!

  • Good quality
  • Raw and rustic look
  • Black powder-coated iron
  • Everything you need for your own Do-It-Yourself sliding door project!

Delivery time: 3-5 working days

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Raw brackets for your sliding door

If you are somewhat of a handyman, it is just about getting started making your own sliding door for you home. WoodUpp sells high quality brackets that fit your new sliding door perfectly. The bracket are made of black powder-coated iron, which gives a raw and rustic look in your decor. The style fits in perfectly with the simple and elegant way we design our homes in the Nordic countries. With these brackets you get the opportunity to design your very own sliding door right in the material and design you dream of.  

Stylish and functional sliding doors

Sliding doors are not only beautiful – they are also extremely functional. If you do not have the courage for your own do-it-yourself project, we sell several different sliding doors, all of which are easy to mount. Common to them all is the rustic look and the superior quality. All our sliding doors are made from real wood inspired by old barn doors. When you use sliding doors in your decor, you have the opportunity to make the most of the space, and it is always smart – especially in small homes.  

Choose brackets in good quality

Sliding doors are brilliant when you have to split up a room or want to shield the mess or clothing. Whatever your needs, a sliding door will not only be a practical one, but also a stylish and decorative choice that will give your home edge. It is not only the door itself that you have to think about when you buy or assemble your sliding door. The brackets are extremely important for the overall expression, and when they are carefully manufactured on the aesthetic level like here while they come in a superior quality, then it is just about ordering. These powder coated brackets will undoubtedly give your sliding door character, and before you realize it, you have got the home you have always dreamed of.


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