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  • The surface is made from a special developed highpressure veneer (not metal).
  • The acoustic panel can be used to create an elegant slat wall or slat ceiling in your home.
  • Class A – The product is sound absorbing removes reverb and decreases noise significantly.
  • The product is produced in Denmark, and will be shipped directly to you from our factory in Ribe.
  • The black acoustic felt in made from recycled plastic.
  • We advocate for sustainable forestry, therefore we use wood only from sustainable foresting.
  • The panels are delivered in modules measuring 2400 x 600 x 22 mm, which makes the installment super simple.

Delivery time: 3 weeks

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Dampen sound with a beautifully designed Scandinavian slat wall, that absorbs sound and removes reverb.

Don’t let bad acoustics ruin your life. If you have ever been in an environment with acoustical problems, then you know the struggle. It’s exhausting! But now you can actually do something about it while improving the looks of your home. Imagine a slat wall on the end wall in your living room. Or on the ceiling. Not only does it dampen the sound – it looks exclusive. Surely it will provide you with a steady flow of compliments whenever you have guests in your home.

Produced in Denmark

We produce all of our acoustical panels in Ribe, Denmark. This ensures that we can maintain the highest quality available in our products. Every panels that leaves our little factory is going through a strict quality control, so that we ensure the quality. We are a Danish company, and we produce our products in Denmark. It ensures good craftsmanship, and that lives up to the very high quality standards we demand from ourselves. Even though we export to the whole world, our products are produced right here in Denmark. The way we have always done in our family. And we will continue to do so.

Our acoustic felt are made from recycled plastic bottles and all of our wood comes from sustainable forestry.

We only use materials of the highest quality and using sustainable materials are a top priority. We actually care about the environment and the working conditions of the people whom we cooperate with. Furthermore we would rather pay a higher price for the raw materials, so that we can ensure that the people working in the forest can have a decent pay, than we would compromise on the price. This also ensures that we never cut down more trees than the forest can manage to reproduce. And that is also why we only use recycled plastic for the felt. We take a waste product and create something beautiful with it, so that it wont end up in our oceans. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Product dimensions

The Akupanel measures 2400 x 600 mm, and is made from lamellae 11 mm and 27 mm deep, with a distance of 13 mm in between. The slats are mounted on a base of acoustic felt. The specially developed acoustic felt is made from recycled material and is 9 mm thick. The panel is 22 mm thick in total including the slats and the felt.

Don’t let bad acoustics drive you crazy.

Is it hard to hear what your guests are saying? Problems with bad acoustics is a major problem in many homes, but with the acoustical panels you can create acoustic wellbeing for yourself, your family, and your guests.

Sound consists of waves. And when sound waves hit a hard surface the sound is not decelerated but reflected throughout the room resulting in reverberation / reverb. The acoustic panel dampens the sound by absorbing the sound waves when they hit the felt and the slats, so the sound perish into the felt instead of around the room.

Sound test – Class A.

We did a soundtest and the panels reached Class A, which is the highest rating available. In order to reach Class A, you have to install mineral wool behind the panels – (check out the video below, that shows how it’s done). You can also install the panels directly on the wall. When doing so the panels will reach a Class D, so the panels will still dampen the sound.

As you can see on the graph, the panels are most efficient on frequencies between 300 Hz and 2000 Hz, which covers a large spektrum. In reality that means, that the panels will dampen both high notes and deep sound. Loud speech and regular noise in the home will be in the frequency between 500 – 2,000 Hz, and as it can be observed on the graph is is right here Akupanel is most efficient.

The sound test you see here is based on the acoustic panels mounted on a 45 mm stripwood with mineral wool behind the panels. This really makes a difference if you have bad acoustics in a room.

In an office it can also be very useful to use, since a healthy sound environment will make employees happier and more effective. Research has also found that restaurants with good acoustics will make more revenue per guest, than those who has bad acoustics. In other words – creating a good sound environment is important for your health.

Installment is quick and easy. Do it yourself or get your carpenter to help you.

Are you worried that installment is too difficult? Well – it’s not. It’s actually pretty easy and most people can do it by themselves. It’s the perfect DIY-project. Check out the video below or take a look at our installment guide – click here. If you feel like DIY-projects primarily should be something that you just watch on TV, then you should get your local carpenter to install it for you. As you can see, it is so easy to mount, that any carpenter can do it, and it shouldn’t take him that long (which is a good thing, if you pay him on an hourly rate).  

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding how much Akupanel to buy to cover your wall, how to mount it, or something entirely different, do not hesitate to give us a call on +45 71 74 14 32.

Also see our collection of wooden acoustic panels or our wooden slat wall.


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Additional information

Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 2.4 × 0.6 × 0.022 m

2400 mm


600 mm


22 mm


12,5 kg


What if my wall is higher than 2.4 meters? If your wall is higher than 2.4 meters, then you can easily mount the panels in succession of each other. Check out this example on our Instagram –  Clik here

Do I have to install the panels on battens / a formwork? No, not necessarily. If you only want to use the panels in order to create a beautiful visual expression, and don’t need to obtain a Class A sound dampening effect, then you might just as well install them directly on the surface.

What is the lead time for the akupanels? It depends on the amount of panels you order. We have all panels in stock, so we should be able to deliver within one week.

Can you create the panels in custom dimensions? No, we do not make the acoustic panels in special dimensions. If you need a panel that is shorter than 2.4 meters, you can easily cut the panels with a circular saw. If you need a panel that is longer than 2.4 meters, you can easily mount a panel in extensions. Our “click system” makes it incredibly easy to do.

Can you use the acoustic panels in the bath room or the kitchen?  Yes, some of the panels can be used in wet rooms as long as it is not directly in contact with water. The product has a high density, which means that it does not absorb that much liquid or steam.

Can the acoustical panels be used outside? No. They are made for indoor use only.

How do I install the product?

Read our guide – clik here

Watch our installment video – click here

What do I do if I have electrical outlets, windows and the like on the wall? It is very easy to adjust the panels. You can cut the panels to make fit around windows and you can also cut out holes for the electrical outlets. You can cut the slats with a circular saw and you can cut the felt with a knife.

On which surfaces can I install the panels?  You can mount the panels on all surfaces including brick walls, concrete walls and more. You can either glue it to the wall or use screws.

Does the colors of the pictures reflect reality?  Yes they do more or less. But it is highly recommended that you order a sample box before you place your order, so that you can see the colors before hand. You can order a sample box – click here

Do you have a showroom? 

Yes, we have a showroom in Ribe, Denmark.

How can I make a good looking ending on the wall?  You can purchase an ending slat so that you can make a nice looking ending on the wall. On the end lamella you there are wood on all sides so that you can get a nice look on the side of the wall. There are 2 models – on that fits installment directly on the wall (22 mm) and one that fits installment on 45 mm battens (67 mm).

Can I hide cords and etc. behind the wall in order to do a cord free installment of for instance a TV?  Yes you can.

What type of mineral wool du you recommend to use behind the panels?  The brand is not that important. We recommend Isover og RockWool.

What is your return policy? You can return all unused products within 30 days after delivery.


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