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Visiting Mark Falgren aka. Lovestick

We have been lucky to be visiting Mark Falgren – also known as the drummer Lovestick in the band Lukas Graham.

Acoustic panels in smoked oak

In Lovestick’s home the interior design is very thorough! Just as you enter the door to his home you’ll instantly see a wall decorated with smoked oak acoustic panels in the hall. The panels add a super calm atmosphere in the room from the first glance and it just looks super beautiful.

A common thread through the decor

Throughout the entire flat there is a warm and walm expression where brown and white colors are in focus. And it’s not just in the hall. Lovestick has also built his very own home studio where he can make music every day.

The home studio

It is important for me to have a great practice room because it is inspiring compared to the music I make. It’s clear for me that in order to make great music there has to be great surroundings as well. So for me it’s just important if it looks great and that it’s inspiring.”


This is what it sounds like from Lovestick who has set up the dogme for himself that he has to create a track every day. With the home studio there are no excuses not to.

Great acoustics in the studio

Before the acoustic panels were installed in Lovestick’s home studio there was often a weird reverb on the vocals he recorded. But now the reverb is gone and the quality is always the best.

A 70’s vibe in the studio

Lovestick wanted the expression in the studio to have some warmth and he wanted it to bring the thoughts back to some 70’s vibes. Therefore the studio is furnished with retro furniture in warm colors.

When Lovestick isn’t in the studio...

… he enjoys being on tour. He loves to get out exploring the world and exploring new cultures and in general just play music for a lot of happy people. That’s exactly what he likes about his life.

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