On a visit with Kasper Boye

Kasper Boye is a self-taught interior design consultant and also a self-taught craftsman. In this story I have been talking with Kasper about the trends he sees regarding interior design right now. Other than that we go visit two of his projects – Regus and Restaurant Mastek – that he decorated. There is a lot of inspiration on the way to you.


THIS IS Kasper Boye


About Kasper Boye:
  • He is a self-taught interior design consultant, designer and craftsman.
  • He participated in the TV-program “Made in Denmark” in Danish television.
  • He works with interior design tasks in both private homes as well as at businesses and he has been making furniture for his own consumption since he was 19 years old.
“It is hard for me to make a standard solution because my head is built up in a way that makes me want to think out of the box”.

I met Kasper Boye in Copenhagen.

He is a self-taught interior designer, designer and craftsman. And when you ask him where his interests came from then he says that it was always there. There have never been craftsmen in his home as he grew up so he was used to seeing his father do everything himself – and building things – in and for the home.

He makes a living by making custom made furniture and interior design solutions.

I asked Kasper if we could go for a walk in Copenhagen to see some of the projects he had made with our panels. And then he also wanted to be interviewed which I was quite excited about as he clearly knows a lot about interior design and has great taste.

So we found a bench by a lake in the middle of Copenhagen.

You will get the essentials of the interview right here.

Hereafter we are going to visit two of Kasper’s projects – Regus and Restaurant Mastek.

Kasper, would you like to start by telling us a little about yourself and your company? How did you figure out that you wanted to work with furniture and interior design?

“Yes of course. Well for me the last time i lived at home and had to move out I had a desire to make a table that would fit the wall in my new apartment. And I could not make myself go out and buy a standard solution that fitted exactly this wall – either it was too short or too long. Therefore I decided to make one on my own and I think it was funny to suddenly have something custom made. It’s actually the same thing that I am passionate about today – making these unique solutions that fit the soul and atmosphere there is in the room”.

What trends do you see in interior design right now?

“Well I like that people are more brave now – both concerning choice of color and material. This thing about making a whole slat wall was almost unheard 10 years ago. So these trends from back in the 70’s are the ones that are showing these days – and now I have some projects with whole rooms covered in wood. I probably have some crazy ideas but people join in on them and that’s funny”.

And I have to say that Kasper is right. It is awesome that everything don’t have to be black and white anymore.

What do you think about the most when you choose products for your projects?

“Well in my head there is a palette from time to another that I work with. Right now New Yorker walls in raw iron and your acoustical panels are very trending. There are these different things that I know are trending and then they are usually included in my palette when I make a presentation for the customer”.

“I think that these New Yorker walls and your acoustical panels fit great together. And customers usually think that as well. If I am going to make a half wall beneath a glass wall then I often suggest putting acoustical panels on the half wall. It makes a huge difference visually and it helps in order to make a great acoustic in the room”.

What do you think the next big thing in interior design will be?

“That’s a great question. Honestly it’s hard to say”.

Kasper looks down before he continues:

“It is not what I usually think about actually. I care more about what is big right now and then implementing it in an atypical way. When I get a product in my hands like your acoustical panels then the first thing I think about is how to use it in a different way. And I quickly discovered that the panels were bendable as the felt is soft and I immediately thought it was fun to use it on round corners. I did this a couple of places and the result was really great”.

One of the places where Kasper used the panels on round corners was at Regus – our first stop on our route.

So let’s go to the first place on the route.


We walk up the stairs in a relatively narrow hall. In the middle of the hall there is an old elevator in iron. It’s so old you could imagine you had to control it manually. But as we reach the 2nd floor we find a modern office.

We enter the door to the reception at Regus.


As you can see in the pictures the result looks amazing.

Now we have arrived at the first place and it looks amazing. What have the thoughts been about this project?

“Well concerning this solution it was the customer that contacted me in order to have a new reception made. I immediately felt that there was a huge need for an acoustical solution in the room. At the time it was relatively bare and the big surfaces created reverberation and since we had to build the reception from scratch I thought it would be a great idea to have the acoustical solution incorporated on the desk.

Since I am quite nerdy concerning our acoustical panels I couldn’t help noticing the detail with the rounded edge that the acoustical panels follow round the desk.

I really think it looks great with these round corners. Is this a solution you make often?

“Well it’s all about the fact that I think it’s fun to work with the material. It was some of the first things I thought about as I held the panels in my hands – okay this is flexible. So I was excited to try it out and this place was the first where I got to try it out”.


Kerstin (our photographer) took some pictures of the place and as she was done we continued our route.

We were going to restaurant Mastek and I was really excited to go there since Kasper had said that it was a really great project.

And let me just say this right away – I was not disappointed.


As we arrived at Restaurant Mastek we met Kaster outside the entrance.

He arrived before us and now he comes towards us from the main entrance of the restaurant. He tells us that exactly this day there is a fashion show in the restaurant so there are clothes everywhere. 

It is not the most optimal when wanting to take pictures of everything.

Fortunately we arrived at the break and people had left the restaurant. Only the chefs were left.

“It is actually a historical room for Copenhagen. It has been a restaurant for many years and it is placed next to the water so it has been a very visited place for sailors in the past”.

Kasper says that a couple of years ago the restaurant got new owners and therefore this was the time when he became part of the new interior design.

“Your acoustical panels (Rustic Natural Oak) was a pivot point in the new interior design in the restaurant since everything was very dark and gloomy – in a cozy way – so what you will see as we enter the restaurant is that the panels is the only bright contrast. So they are very significant to the whole expression of the room”.

We open the doors to the restaurant.

Inside Mastek

Once again – wauw.


I am almost speechless and also I feel quite a bit of pride.

I don’t know what you think but I think it’s an amazing project! Projects like this makes me extra proud of our product.

Imagine – someone can create something so thorough with our panels as the pivot point. It does not get any better.

In spite of tall clothes racks we still got some nice photos of the place.

As we left the restaurant again it was time to say goodbye to Kasper.

I want to say thank you so much for today. It has been super exciting to see your projects.

“That’s great. It was nice to show them to you – they are really great projects that I am proud of”.

And you clearly understand that..

Especially the last project at Restaurant Mastek. It is really impressive to see the difference Kasper has made.

Personally it was a truly inspiring day for me.

I saw many different ways to use our panels. And many of them have never come to mind before.

My hope is that you now received a lot of inspiration for your own projects. And if you need more inspiration you can always follow Kasper’s Instagram profile (or ours if you’d like). We put a link to his profile beneath.

Thank you for reading this story!

// Troels

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