Here lives: Erik Sviatchenko – professional football player

Erik invited us inside for a cup of coffee and a house tour. He lives in a minimalistic house with his wife, Anne Sviatchenko, and their two children. We were so lucky to be allowed to visit Erik and hear more about the thoughts Erik and his wife had had concerning the interior design in their home.




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  • Professional football player and captain in FC Midtjylland.
  • Married to Anne Sviatchenko – together they have 2 children.
  • Elected as the 9th best dressed sports star in the world by the magazine Euroman.
Home is a gathering point for our family.

Erik has great style. You can obviously see it on the way he dresses and it reflects clearly in his home as well.

Erik Sviatchenko describes his interior design as being stringent and minimalistic but at the same time it’s important for him that his home is cozy and that it is a place for him and the family to just relax.

Let’s go on a house tour at Erik Sviatchenko.

What does it mean for you to have a nice home?

– For me as a person – and as a football player – it means incredibly much to have an aesthetic and nice home. It is a gathering point for us as a family and therefore we enjoy being able to relax in our home.

For us it’s all about having a cozy home and then we also care for aesthetics. For us, home is an oasis where we care for every detail.

The thoughts behind the interior design and our house, which we are really in love with, has been to go all in. So in that way we have invested a lot both in the form of time and money in order to get this home that we have dreamt about. So the idea from the very beginning concerning our interior design has been to make it all cozy and minimalistic at the same time. 

You can really say that we have succeeded.

Big collages and pictures break the great white walls in the home. The artist of the pictures is of course Eriks own father, Sergei Sviatchenko.

When the talks are about the beautiful art that goes through the whole house it is clear to see that Erik has inherited the same passion for art and aesthetics as his father.

– Art made by my father is a great part of our home and means a lot to me. Both because of where I come from but also just regarding our family.

My wife and I have been together since we were 14 years old so she has also gotten the passion for art under her skin. So it is natural that the walls are decorated with art.

We care a lot about how everything goes with the furniture and that the combination og the colors won’t be too much. Some of the materials can be very strong so obviously that has to fit with the rest of the tones in the home.

It seems like you care about sustainability. Is this something you think about when you decorate your home?

– When we decorate our home I think the element of sustainability comes to mind in the form of us buying quality.

Many of the things we have are things we bought many years ago. We like it when our things last for a long time instead of always buying new things. That’s the way we run things.

We try to buy sustainable products in the way of buying fewer things but in a great quality. And if we can buy products that have sustainable elements and a great quality then we choose that as well. Sustainability is a theme that we think about a lot and try to comply.

When you texted us you wrote that you had looked for a long time to find exactly us. What did you mean by that?

– As we were looking for a possibility to decorate our home in a more specific and a more special way then this element showed up that you could bring a more natural look into the home.

When we found WoodUpp, my wife and I, then I thought that it looked quite easy and it could give us exactly the aesthetics we were looking for. It was supposed to give a contrast to the white walls in our house.

So that’s what I meant when I wrote to you.

In the bedroom there is a bed and in the back of the room there is a walk-in closet with two entrances – one on each side.

The door in the bedroom leads directly outside to their terrace on the same level as the first floor. The terrace leads from the one side of the house all the way out to the garden. It must be a pleasure to open these doors in the morning.

The original idea was that we were only going to make one slat wall in the ceiling. But as soon as the wall was mounted the pair was inspired to make another slat wall in the entrance of their home.

We have received many comments on our WoodUpp walls – and it’s not a lie we – we really received a lot.

– We love to open up our home for family, friends and guests, and the first thing we do these days when someone visits us is that we say “Come see our new wall”.

So in this way we have received many great comments and great feedback. And it’s lovely as we really do something to have this lovely home. So when friends and family comment on it, it definitely means something to us.

That’s very lovely to hear! If you were to highlight one thing that you think the slat wall has given you, what should that be? 

– If I was to highlight one specific thing about these slat walls I think it would be that it is great at making contrasts in the home. And I think that it is incredibly aesthetically beautiful when you don’t have too much of the same things.

So this wall really gives a great expression in the room. And it also brings a lot of warmth inside which is an element I really appreciate.

And it was easy enough to mount? 

– Now I need to be careful not to put myself on display here, ha ha. But I cannot lie in front of the camera so I actually did not mount it myself – I am not the greatest handyman.

I can do some things but I wanted this to be perfect and therefore I’d rather have a professional to do it. But I was there when it was mounted and it seemed pretty simple. It’s easy to do and I think that next time – if were are going to add another slat wall, which I hope – then I actually think I can manage to mount it myself. So I would say that if anyone need a slat wall then they should definitely buy from WoodUpp.

Amazing! Thank you so much for letting me visit you Erik. It has truly been a pleasure.



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