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How are the WoodUpp products installed?

LED strips Assembly Installation guide

How to install on wall with screws

You will need this:

All LED packages come with black aluminum rails, full-length black-matte covers, warm white LED strips, including the driver, and necessary mounting components.

Step 1: Attach aluminum rails to the felt

Secure the black aluminum rails to your panel using 30mm screws (screws not included).

How to attach rails to felt

Step 2: Attach the LED-strip on the rail

Unroll the LED strip and attach it to the aluminum rails as desired using the adhesive tape on the back of the strip. Trim any excess LED strip at the nearest cutting line.

How to attach LED to rail

Step 3: Insert the end caps

Insert the provided end caps into each end of the aluminum rails. Make sure to place the end cap with a hole in the end where the LED strip’s wire is located.

How to insert end caps

Step 4: Connect the LED strip to the driver

Connect the included 230V driver to the LED strip and plug the power cord into the electrical outlet. Connect the driver to the included junction box if you have multiple LED rails.

How to install LED driver

Step 5: Install the cover

Take the black-matte plastic cover and snap it onto the rails.

How to install LED cover

Step 6: Connect the LED remote

Connect the LED remote by unscrewing the cover on the driver, and then press and hold the button on the inside till it blinks. Then press and hold the on-button on the remote. When the driver light stops blinking the connection is complete. Fasten the driver cover again. Now you’re ready!

How to connect the LED remote

Now you are done!

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