Are you an influencer and would you like to use our products in a future project? Find out how we can work together.

Here's how we do collaborations.

For the past few years influencers have been requesting our products for various projects all around the world. So if your next project also includes slat walls or ceilings then feel free to contact us. We would love to learn more about your project and ideas.

1. Tell us about your idea

First, we need to see if we are the perfect match. Tell us about you, your followers and what you have in mind regarding a collaboration.

2. Get approved

We are not just working with anyone. Using our third party tool, we make sure that you have the right audience that matches our target group.

3. Get down to business

It's time to get into the specifics of a collaboration. What do we need from you and - more importantly - what do you get from us.

4. We send you the product

When the deal has been signed, we will then send you the product. We will arrange shipping and find a delivery date.

5. Do your thing

Share your story about WoodUpp and our products in your unique and authentic way. Inspire your followers and create some awesome content.

6. We promote you

Send us your content so that we can promote you and your project in our marketing. We have more than 500.000 followers world wide.

Let's get started.

Email us with more information about your yourself, your idea and your followers. We will then get back to you asap.

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Main criterias

You share our values

We believe in positivity and authenticity. We aim to inspire people all over the world to create better environments for themselves and the people they care about. Collaborating with people that resonates with our mission is simply the main criteria when we select potential WoodUpp ambassadors.

Your followers love you

It's not about the numbers of followers you have. It's more important to have the right followers. So we don't have a minimum follower count but we look at other things like engagement and the general vibe on your profile.

You are willing to share statistics from you profile

We use a tool to analyze your profile in order to find out if we are a good match and see what kind of followers you have.

You agree to deliver content that we can use in our marketing

It is a requirement that we can use the content that you make in our own marketing as well. It would be a shame not to share your amazing project with our more than 600.000 Instagram followers, right?

You are a wizard with your camera

You know how to work your camera and create beautiful content. Your stunning photos and videos excite your followers and present our products in the best possible way.