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Visiting Faustix

We have been on a visit in the home of the music producer, DJ, family father and television star Morten Olsen, also known as Faustix, who used our panels in the color Charcoal in order to create a super nice and exclusive expression in his home studio.

A studio in his own home

Whilst interviewing Faustix in his home studio we are only 30 metres from his living room and 40 metres from his bedroom and he tells us that he feels amazing due to the fact that he can enter his studio to make music whenever he wants to. And it is clear to see that every detail in the room has been well thought out.

"Danish hygge"

The Charcoal panels create a dark but cozy expression in the room and it fits Faustix perfectly. He tells us that he is all in on “Danish hygge”. This thing about having the studio in your own home and that it’s decorated in a warm and spacious way. Every detail like the panels, the color on the studio table, the carpet, everything has been well thought out.

A perfect day starts with a cup of coffee…


… and then the studio has to be clean and the day has to be calm without too many mails and deadlines. But this is almost never the case. There is always chaos going on, mails and deadlines that need to be met and furthermore there is never one day in a DJ’s life that’s the same.

It gives so much joy

When Faustix is going to produce his music it takes place in his home studio where he can sit in relaxing clothes and be fully focused in his creative process of making the next track.

When the music then has to be played in front of thousands of people it gets a bit weird and nerve wrecking. Many things can go wrong and many things have gone wrong in the past. But the greatest thing he knows is standing on the stage playing his own music and listening to people singing along to the music.

What inspires him?

When Faustix wants to get inspired he needs to meet new people, look them in the eyes and absorb new energy. Being with his family is also a great source of inspiration.

He always strives to make a lot of content both for social media and in the form of new music that can make people smile. He loves to spread joy and if he can raise people’s mood then he feels like he has done a good thing.

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