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Now you have explored our products and gallery. You have imagined our products on your walls, but you would like to know a bit more before you take the plunge and order WoodUpp. Does it work on my walls and surfaces? How do i measure? Where can i apply it? Here you will find the answers to these questions and many more.
How does WoodUpp work?
By using a specially developed adhesive WoodUpp can be applied to almost any kind of surface. If you are in doubt if your surface is suitable for WoodUpp, you are very welcome to contact us and get our recommendations.
Can you apply WoodUpp temporarily?
Unfortunately WoodUpp is a permanent solution. We are in the process of developing a new kind of adhesive for temporary solutions. Until then we recommend to nail/screw a thin medium density fibreboard or plywood board on the wall, and then apply WoodUpp on it.
Can WoodUpp be used outdoors?
Unfortunately WoodUpp is not designed to sustain outdoors.
Can WoodUpp e.g. be used on a door?
Yes. WoodUpp is a wall panel, but can easily be applied to doors or cupboards for instance.
Can you hang something from WoodUpp? Like shelfs or pictures?
Yes, you can do that. Make sure to screw/drill through to the wall behind it.
Can I upholster my ceiling with WoodUpp?
No, WoodUpp is not designed for use on ceilings.
Is WoodUpp suitable for office environments, shops, restaurants etc.
Yes. WoodUpp is ideal for decorating different kinds of office environments. WoodUpp can transform an environment in a few hours. A minimum of tools are needed, and it can be applied without disturbing work, guests or customers.
How long is the adhesive durable?
If WoodUpp is used correct according to the recommended guidelines WoodUpp will stick until you decide to take it down again.
If you want to remove WoodUpp it must be removed from the surface carefully.
In most cases the surface from which WoodUpp is removed will require some repairs. Paint and wallpaper will be damaged. WoodUpp is a permanent furnishing solution.
Is it easy to saw in WoodUpp?
The thin panels makes it easy to saw to your desired dimension.
Can there be problems with the adhesive not sticking properly?
If WoodUpp is applied correctly according to the recommended guidelines there will not be any problems with the adhesive.
How do I saw in WoodUpp?
A fine toothed saw will do the job easily, however a miter saw makes it easier to keep the board steady.
What are the dimensions of a single panel?
The WoodUpp panels measures 80 cm in length, 14.5 cm in width and are about 2.5 mm thick.
Is it wood or wallpaper?
WoodUpp is made from real wood.
Is it possible to receive samples e.g. for designers or architects?
Yes! We love to work on projects with designers and architects. Contact us to receive a sample package.
How much do i need to order?
Firstly, you must calculate the size of your surface. You do that by multiplying width and height, so you know how many m2 you need at least. We recommend you to order at least 10% extra for waste.
Where can I buy WoodUpp?
WoodUpp can be bought right here on our website on the ‘product’ page. We are currently working on getting some smaller dealers around the country.

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