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About the writer:

Hi, my name is Jenny. At WoodUpp I work in marketing, which is basically about getting our customers excited about cool projects they can do with acoustic panels. When I’m not writing blog posts, I like to go to Zumba and spend time with my friends.

You need more inspiration?

In this blogpost I thought it would be a very nice idea to show you some of our beautiful customer projects made with Akupanel.

But because of the fact that we happily get so many nice images from you, it’s very difficult for me to decide which ones to show you.

That’s why I thought:

Why not let our Instagram followers decide?

So now I am going to show you the 5 most liked pictures in our Instagram Account.
As you might know, we have an Instagram account (if you didn’t know then I definitely recommend that you start following it  – click here).

Each day we show you nice images our customers sended to us. As always there are some posts that are liked more than others.

If you need some inspiration for where you can mount the panels, then this blog article is for you.

So let’s start.

5th most liked image:

At first I honestly have to say that at nearly every picture a customer sends to me I think: WOW! That’ s so beautiful, I really like the interior. 

So for me it is very hard to say which picture is my favourite one, because they all look great.
Let’s start with the 5th place:
In general I have the feeling that our followers really love pictures with a whole wall made of Akupanel. It is indeed  really impressive and looks fantastic. When I would come into a house with such a nice dining place I would feel very cozy the whole time.

See Akupanel Rustic Natural Oak
Let's move to the 4th place:

Here we have a perfect example of what you can do, if your wall is higher than 2,40m (our Akupanels only comes in 240 x 60 cm –  you simply just mount the panels in the middle of the wall. There’s no need for longer panels.

But that is not the point today. It looks so good! 

see Akupanel Rustic Natural Oak
3th place:

Here’s something very special. 

A “door frame” made of Akupanel. This is a very nice idea that most people don’t know about – at least not until now. But I think it creates a very special and natural atmosphere. 

Especially in combination with the rest of the interior.

See Akupanel Rustic Natural Oak
2. most liked image:

What?? A whole wall made of Akupanel with hidden doors and a coffee bar? 

I can really understand why this image is liked more than other projects. It is such a creative project and I really think the room gets such a special and exclusive atmosphere.

Just have a look at this living room. There are indeed no more words needed.

See Akupanel Walnut
And finally: The winner image

It is simple but very effectful. 

Here only one Akupanel is used but the whole area looks modern and harmonious. The round mirror fits perfectly to the panel. 

It’s obvious to me that round mirrors on Akupanels is a trend at the moment. We get a lot of images where people have created something similar. And I really understand why:

 It looks AMAZING!

See Akupanel Classic Oak (Black Felt)


We are so happy for  every picture we get from you! 

A big thanks to all of our customers who send us these really lovely images! We are so grateful for your trust. 

All of these cool projects seems to show just how happy people are with the panels. And it also shows how the Akupanels can improve the atmosphere – and of course the acoustics – in their homes in order to make it  the house of their dreams.
In my opinion we have sooo many nice pictures from our customers already presented in our Social Media Accounts. So personally for me it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Thank you very much for reading so far. I hope you enjoyed the (in my opinion) impressive images!


Have you done a project yourself and do you want to show it to everyone? Then please just send it to us via e-mail (click here). We are more than happy to post it on our social media channels.



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