The 3 biggest benefits of using Akupanels in your home

Written by Jennifer Zubrenic

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About the writer:

Hi, my name is Jenny. At WoodUpp I work in marketing, which is basically about getting our customers excited about cool projects they can do with acoustic panels. When I’m not writing blog posts, I like to go to Zumba and spend time with my friends.

You are not totally convinced that you definitely need an Akupanel in your home? 

In this blog post I want to show you the 3 reasons why you definitely want to have it in your home. Because as you will experience if you choose to invest in the panels is that it not only looks great – it also has several other great features that might improve your life.

Ok, let’s go!

Benefit 1: Improve the look of your room

I think a lot of the pictures we show you on our Social Media Accounts and on our website definitely prove what a big difference it makes to use an acoustic panel to improve the look and the atmosphere of a room. 

It doesn’t matter if you mount only one Akupanel or a whole wood panel wall. 

As long as the colour is either fitting to your interior and your floor or it creates a contrast. You can find the right colour by ordering samples and then hold them to your wall.

Benefit 2: Get a better sound environment

Can we agree, that there is nothing more annoying than bad acoustics in your home and there is nothing worse than an constant echo? 

Especially in modern houses and apartments – with big and open rooms where the living room and the kitchen area are combined – bad acoustics is typically a problem.

Luckily we invented the Akupanel to solve this acoustical disaster! 

With the acoustical panels you can improve the acoustics in your home a lot and dampen the sound effectively.

Bye, bye reverberation!

In general there are 2 different ways to mount the panels:


  1. Install mineral wool behind the panels to reach the highest sound rating possible – Sound Class A. 

           To receive that you have to install the acoustic panels on 45mm battens and add        

           mineral wool behind it.


      2. Of course there is also the possibility to install the panels directly to the wall. 

          With that method you will reach Sound Class D, which is also very effective when it comes to the sound dampening.

The panels are most effective at frequencies between 300 Hz and 2000 Hz, which corresponds to the usual sound levels experienced by most people.

In general, the panels insulate both high and low tones.

The main difference between the installation with mineral wool and without, is that the class D is not as effective in terms of pitch in low frequencies as the sound class A (bass and deep male voices).

However – when it comes to the pitches at high frequencies – women’s voices, children’s voices, breaking glass, etc. – the two types of mounting are more or less equally effective.

Sound class D is received when the Akupanel are mounted directly on the wall or ceiling
– without a framework and mineral wool.

So if you have really bad acoustics, I would suggest you install the panels on the framework. 


If you want to know more about that, you can have a look at our Akupanel Explanation page here or read our Blog Article about the improvement of acoustics here.


The installation is easier than you think. You can have a quick look at the following video where you can see how easy and fast the installation is.

We created a step by step installation guide for you to follow. You can have a look at the guide here. 

Benefit 3: Get a lot of compliments from your guests

This point is indeed my favorite one 🙂

Most of our customers gave us the feedback that not only they love their new slat wall or ceiling, but they also get a lot of compliments from their customers. 

And I think that is the greatest feedback you can get! 

It shows that the work you invested was more than worth it!

The improvement of the atmosphere and of course the acoustic is overwhelming!

To show you exactly what I mean, have a look at the following images.



All in all an image says more than a thousand words. 

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and cozy in their home. 

It doesn’t matter if your aim is to fix the bad acoustic in your home or want to create an optical highlight – the Akupanel is the perfect solution for both of that.

 Thank you very much for your attention and reading this article till the end.

I hope I could inspire you a bit.

Everyday we show more project pictures our happy customers sent to us on our Instagram and Facebook chanels. If you want to have more inspiration, you can visit us there.

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// Jenny


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