Our top 10 favorite headboards made from Akupanels

Written by Pia Lund

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About the writer

Pia works in customer service at WoodUpp Denmark. When she is not busy answering phone calls or responding to emails she writes blog posts like this one.
And in her spare time she bakes (a lot). Yum!

Here at WoodUpp, it’s me who handles all the pictures we get via email, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Every day I receive pictures of headboards and it has really become a popular project to do. 

So today I want to inspire you on how our customers have created headboards in the bedroom that really makes the bedroom stand out. 

To me the trend is quite obvious. 

I believe that people are using their bedrooms more and more for other things than just sleeping. 

And no – I’m not thinking of “Netflix and chill”. I’m thinking about things like relaxing while you are browsing social media, reading or movie nights and other things in that direction. 

So it seems that more and more people are starting to realize that the bedroom should also be a space where coziness and quiet surroundings are found, so that you can relax. And so, more and more people are starting to invest in the decor of their bedroom to meet the before mentioned criterias. 

I will show you how it’s done with the next 10 examples that I have prepared for you in this blogpost.


Headboard #1 - The asymmetrical.

Most people choose to mount the panels directly behind the bed, but here the customer has chosen to push the panels to the side, as well as to turn them vertically. 

It gives a cool look in the room and gives the whole thing a little more edge.

In addition, the customer has chosen to mount a small gallery shelf with pictures, and it just fits really nicely.

Headboard #2 - Radiator cover?

Many people may have a radiator in the room which means that the options may well be few when it comes to decorating the bedroom. 

Where should the bed stand so that both sides are free, and without it looking wrong.

Here you can make a radiator cover with the acoustic panels, by simply building a box around the radiator.

The customer here has led the panels all the way out on both sides of the room, and it creates a really cool effect and skill for the room.

In addition, they have been given extra space, in the form of a shelf which is behind the bed.

That’s what we call a multi function thing.

Headboard #3 - High and centered.

A high and fairly narrow headboard can really make a big difference in a bedroom! I found that the room automatically looks much bigger and taller. In addition, they have centered the panels in the middle of the wall, instead of letting them go all the way to the sides.

I think this contributes to a modern twist and also makes the space seem larger.

And just look how nice it looks with small bedside tables and lamps. Such a cool detail!

Headboard #4 - Adapted to the attic

What I like about this headboard is that even though the space is not very large, the customer has still managed to make the room really smart and decorative, by bringing the acoustic panels into the room.

They also show here that even if you have sloping walls, you can easily cut and adapt the panels to the room.

Headboard #5 - Integrated in the ceiling.

What I like about this picture is that you just stop and look at the picture one more time.

The way the customer has led the panels all the way up to the ceiling, gives a really cool effect. And if you just take your time and look closely, you can see that the headboard is also used as a kind of room divider.

It just shows again that the possibilities with the acoustic panels are many. 

In addition to creating warm tones into the room, being able to create more rooms, looking good, it also helps to improve the acoustics in the home.


Headboard #6 - Built-in LED light.

Here we have a customer who has been a little nimble on the fingers. In addition to finding a piece of wood that matches really nicely with the acoustic panel, they have also mounted LED lights behind. I think it creates a really cool effect and gives a really cozy atmosphere to the room.

I could easily sit here for an entire evening with a good series … and a bowl of candy of course!

Headboard #7 - Wall to wall

The cool thing about this solution is that you have made an entire wall, filled with acoustic panels.

Such a wall is not often seen in the bedroom, but I think it fits the room really well and it gives a good warmth to the otherwise bright room.

In addition, they have fitted a couple of nice bedside tables and night lamps, which I think fit in really well as it just breaks the wood.

Headboard #8 - Multifunctional tool.

This project was done by a very nimble customer! It’s simply brilliant! 

If you live very small or just want to make a room more multifunctional, then this is an ingenious solution.

When you pull the doors apart, a bed hides in the back. And I do like that the customer has still used the panels on the inside of the “closet” behind the bed, so it appears as a headboard.

In addition, there are shelves on each side of the bed, behind the doors / panels. However, this can not be seen in these pictures, unfortunately.

Headboard #9 - Framed model

Many people choose to mount the panels horizontally when used as a headboard. But here the customer has turned them vertically, and I think that gives a really cool look. In addition, the customer has just added a little extra finish by fitting an end lamella around the panels. 

In that way you frame the headboard and it gives a really bold and complete look.

Headboard #10 - Two-dimensional

Did anyone say “Headboard from the future”? 

At least that’s one of the very first things that come to mind. This headboard is so complete. The large wall behind, which is mounted with acoustic panels after which the panels have been pulled out into the bed and created a headboard. It looks completely two-dimensional!

And then I like how the colors just play together. The white raw floor, black industrial lamps and the warm tones from the panels. 

It’s just nice!


The first thing we can quickly conclude is that there are a lot of great ideas out there on headboards.

A lot of people would probably think that you just mount a single panel, and then you have a headboard. And that’s actually all it takes sometimes. But on the above examples, one can see that by just twisting the panels a little bit in terms of the way you install the panels, you can create a wow-effect in the bedroom.

So what do you need to do in order to get started with creating an impressive headboard for your bedroom? I would recommend that you start by ordering samples.

Samples are only 5€ per sample and shipping is completely free!

Click here to order sample in order to find the perfect colour for your bedroom >>

Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you liked the idea. 

Sleep well! 😉

// Pia

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