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Amaze your clients with our modern and sustainably produced products.

For the past few years architects have been requesting our products for various products around the world. So if your next project also includes slat walls or ceilings then feel free to contact us. We would love to learn more about your project and ideas. 

Project "8-Kanten" - 500 Akupanels in one conference room.

We offer a wide range of products which you can use to inspire your customers.

Our customers usually use our products to give their projects a Scandinavian look. With our products it is easy to give a minimalist and modern look to the projects and spaces you are working on.

Add a modern look to the walls or ceilings.

Bring the minimalistic Scandinavian look into your next project. A slat walls and ceilings adds a modern look to any room - your clients will love it.

Sustainable materials.

Our products are made from sustainable materials. The felt we use is made from recycled plastic and the wood comes from sustainable forestry.

Drastically improve acoustics.

Our Akupanels are not only nice looking - they are also Sound Clas A (when installed correctly). They remove reverberation and creates a healthy sound environment.

Save time (and money) on installation.

Installing slat walls and ceiling is the old way is expensive. Due to our design, the carpenters can install these in no time, which will save you a lot of (man power) and money.

Short lead time.

Are you on a thight deadline? We produce our products locally at our small factory in Denmark. This enables us to maintain a short lead time of approximately 2-3 weeks (even on big orders).

Made in Denmark.

In Denmark we are known for our great design classics and our ability to create products of the highest quality. Surely, this will benefit you, your project and ultimately your clients.

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