A sushi restaurant with style

If you have a restaurant it is incredibly important that you have a welcoming expression that makes people feel comfortable. Both in the visual and the acoustical environment. Søren from Rumraketten has decorated A+ Siam Sushi and he loves to share his inspiration to the thoughts he had about the interior design in A+ Siam Sushi.


THIS IS A+ Siam Sushi


About Søren Nielsen:

  • Has 17 years of experience as an interior designer.
  • Has created the company Rumraketten where he helps his customers with various interior design tasks.
  • He works with interior design tasks for both privates as well as businesses.
A restaurant in the heart of Aarhus

Come with us on a tour at A+ Siam Sushi in Aarhus, Denmark with Søren from Rumraketten.

Søren is captain of Rumraketten – which is the name of the interior design business he runs – and with him we were allowed to visit A+ Siam Sushi in Aarhus where we talked about the decoration and the thoughts behind the project. Søren has 17 years of experience in the interior design industry. In addition getting inspired you are also going to receive some great advice on how to decorate a restaurant in the best possible way. So if you have a restaurant you should listen up now.

One of the things that Søren and I talked a lot about was the following:

When you have a restaurant then there is one super important thing in order to make your restaurant a success – that you create a great experience for your guests. Because when people are going out to eat it’s not only to get some great food. It’s also to get a lovely evening with others. So it’s about way more than “just” food.

There are many things that can affect whether the customer gets a great experience or not – for example the food, the service from the staff and last but not least the environment and atmosphere in the restaurant. For Søren Nielsen the task was to provide the right settings at A+ Siam Sushi. The theme was:

Informal luxery.

This was the expression Søren was supposed to create in the restaurant. And I think he definitely succeeded.

Why don’t you try and judge it yourself as well?

Søren, you have decorated everything here at A+ Siam Sushi. What have your thoughts been in the process of the interior design here?

Well I think very holistically.

When it is a restaurant I think a lot about how I get everything decorated so that the employees actually feel well when they go to work so there is a bigger joy and happiness about it all.

And of course it’s also about the guests.

When the guests come around then the the surroundings and the atmosphere help giving them a great experience. Because if the surroundings are right then it also makes the food taste better.

So those are the thoughts I had about the interior design here.

There are so many nice details when looking around in here – you really thought about everything. If you were to highlight your favorite details about the interior design here what would it be? 

To this question Søren answers the following:

There are actually multiple things:

I think that the cross sofa we have made here is extraordinary. Especially because you don’t see it very often. That’s really cool I think. Also because of the fact that it makes possibilities for the guests to sit in another way than on the chairs by the tables and I really think the regular guests appreciated it. This thing about having a sofa is just so cozy in general.

– Other than that I really like the Patera lamps over the couch that give a great look in the setup with the sofa and the lamps.

It makes people think “wow” as they enter the restaurant.

I think that it’s a very complete decoration here on the upper floor.

The last detail is that the acoustical panels in the function room on the lower floor are really cool. The decoration down there really has some edge.


What do you think the acoustical panels contribute to the interior design? 

I would say there are multiple things.

One of the things is that it’s a great way to add wood to the interior design instead of just being tables and chairs.

Other than this I think that it is great that – to the eyes as well – that it connects everything from the tables to the walls.

It creates a wholesomeness.

And then there is the thing about the panels helping in creating a better acoustic in the room.

And this is actually an important point when you have a restaurant.

Because when you have a super pleasant acoustic environment in your restaurant with minimal reverberation and where it’s pleasant to be then you will definitely earn more money in your restaurant.

The customers buy more and the chance for them returning again is a lot bigger.

Which is quite significant..

Thank you so much for joining us Søren. I really think you did a great job here.

– Well thank you too! I am really glad that you like it – and I am also really proud of the result.

I hope you liked the A+ Siam Sushi story.

Thank you so much for your time.

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